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Children of Light 2 – Charity Concert

Children of Light 2

In the midst of darkness, a girl poured her heart out in a poem “Aku”.

Although my eyes are blind, I see with my heart…

I want to be a light to the world

Such were the words that came out from her heart. At the opening of the concert Children of Light 2, the lights were turned off and the audience were asked to empathize with the blind children just for a short moment, while listening to the poem and a song performed afterwards. This simple and yet deeply-touching scene has moved the audience into tears. The rest of the programs, solo piano, duet, vocal group, clarinet, ensemble, and so on has left the audience in awe, since the kids have shown tremendous improvement since their last performance six months ago, be it technically or musically.

Hopefully, the performance of these eleven wonderful children will motivate us to give the best out of our shortcomings and become the light to the world.

Concert Detail:

A Charity Concert by blind and low vision children

Venue:  Seraphim Concert Hall – Jl. Sumatra 119, Surabaya

Date: December 23, 2012


  • Huriyah Dhawy Febrianti (Febri)

  • Olivia Charis Kusuma (Olive)

  • Angelina Indah Permatasari (Angel)

  • Eliezer Selwyn Horman (Exel)

  • Agustinus Sunaryadi (Ardi)

  • Hizkia Kristyanto

  • Karissa Puspa Kusuma

  • Samantha Anika Sidharta

  • Galen Satria Kusuma

  • Muhammad Hilbram (Ibam)

  • Renee Marie Kurnia.