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Children of Light 1 – Charity Concert

Children of Light

We often heard of charity concerts held for blind children, but have you ever heard of a charity concert performed by blind children? On April 12, 2012, the audiences of Children of Light charity concert were the witnesses of these ten amazing children. Although each has shortcomings in sight, their hard work and determination has proved that through music, they can also be the light to the world.

Performing various compositions of Classical, Rock ‘n Roll, Sacred Songs, Indonesian Songs, and so on these children seemed confident and comfortable. Some of the pieces performed were pieces with high technical difficulties such as Mozart Piano Sonata, Beethoven Rondo Capriccio, and Jaya Suprana Fragmen. Each of these children performed on the piano, and some of them even developed their talents in the second and third musical instruments such as vocal, clarinet, and percussions. Not only did they perform solo, but when their friend sang or played another musical instrument, they also helped to accompany on the piano. As a closing performance, the children collaborated in the form of a music ensemble, performing Indonesian Song Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke.

At the end of the concert the audiences were moved into tears and gave standing ovations as an appreciation of the children’s earnest effort and exceptional performance.

Concert Detail:

A Charity Concert by blind and low vision children

Venue:  Seraphim Concert Hall – Jl. Sumatra 119, Surabaya

Date: April 12, 2012


  • Huriyah Dhawy Febrianti (Febri)

  • Olivia Charis Kusuma (Olive)

  • Angelina Indah Permatasari (Angel)

  • Eliezer Selwyn Horman (Exel)

  • Agustinus Sunaryadi (Ardi)

  • Hizkia Kristyanto, Karissa Puspa Kusuma

  • Samantha Anika Sidharta

  • Galen Satria Kusuma

  • Muhammad Hilbram (Ibam).