Shape Your Mind with Music

Founded in July 2006 in Surabaya, Seraphim Music Studio was previously well-known for the teaching method they used, International Brain Academy (IBA), thus known as IBA Surabaya. It has been producing young musicians with excellent achievements nationally and internationally. The institution has also given tour concerts in several continents, such as Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Considering the students’ enthusiasm and the growing interest of the community towards music, IBA Surabaya later decided to expand the courses by promoting various kinds of musical instruments as well as enlarging the musical genres involving classical, popular, jazz and folk music. Afterwards, the institution was known as Seraphim Music Studio.

Supported by certified and professional teachers in various kinds of musical instruments, such as piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, trumpet, vocal, and many more, Seraphim Music Studio strives to provide effective, easy, and interesting programs. Our aim is to create a smart individual through music.

In addition to be involved in various music education programs, Seraphim Music Studio also actively takes part in charity programs by holding regular charity concerts. The profits of the concerts had been donated to some orphanages, seminaries, victims of natural disasters, and music scholarships for kids with special needs.

Until now, Seraphim Music Studio has cooperated with many institutions and organizations in many programs and events to support the development of music in Indonesia.

Our Goals


Shape Your Mind in Music, creating a smart individual through music


To support development of music education in Indonesia

With professional instructors,various classes and private lessons, welcoming environment, 

Seraphim Music Course is a great place to be!